E36 M3, E46 M3 & Z4M Inspection II Service

Get It Done Right!

BMW M3 inspection 2 Service

Our S50B32 & S54B32 Inspection II services one of the best quality & value services available!  

All our M3 & Z4M Inspection 2 services are undertaken in accordance with the genuine BMW service schedules, of which you will receive a completed copy.

Cam Shim Clearances

BMW M3 Cam Shim Clearance

We ALWAYS check & adjust your cam shims using genuine BMW tooling & genuine BMW new shims! We don’t offer our service without the shim check - if its on the BMW service sheet it needs doing & we do it! 

All shims are brand new genuine BMW. You will get a full printed report of your valve clearances, any adjustments made & your new clearances to enhance your service records.

Quality Lubricants

M3 oil service

We dont do cheap nasty oils!

All E46 M3 & Z4Ms’ with the S54B32 engines get genuine Castrol Edge FST Titanium M-Specific 10w60 engine oil (previously known as Castrol TWS..We always use a brand new genuine BMW cam cover gasket set every time. 

We use superior high-performance Red Line gearbox & differential oils at no extra cost as standard as we believe these are the best available & outperform the OEM-specification oils.

Another mark of our continuing quality!

Top Quality Filters

BMW filter changes

We use OEM manufacturer NGK & Bosch spark plugs. 

All filters are Mahle OEM manufacturer filters as supplied to BMW.

Brake Servicing Done Properly!

M3 brake servicing

All brakes are stripped right down to the backplates / carriers, cleaned, checked, measured lubricated & reassembled, not just "inspected" through a peep-hole! The rear discs are removed, handbrake mechanisms fully stripped, cleaned lubricated & reassembled before adjusting for balance & efficiency. 

All usual electrical, body, suspension & chassis checks are included as detailed in the BMW schedule as well as a boot floor inspection for cracks. 

A full Autologic diagnostic scan & report are included in our service, fault codes reset & your service indicator reset. 

...And To Finish....

BMW service booklet

Your car will be washed, vacuumed & receive one of our service valets using Auto Finesse professional detailing products, compliments of Iridium. 

Your service book will be stamped with our 'Independent BMW Specialist' stamp to preserve your service history & protect your future resale value.  

We undertake work on many M3's each week so you can be sure your car is in the very capable hands of one of the best respected BMW independents around!  

Don’t forget we are IMI Professional Register Technicians - your assurance of certified & approved current technical competence!

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