E46 M3 Boot Floor Repair & Reinforcement

For a professional, long-lasting quality repair solution choose Iridium

Iridium offers a professional high-quality repair solution for the commonplace boot floor tears &

cracks on the E46 M3 models.

Our professional technical repair is designed first to identify & halt the progression of any

fractures then to professionally reinforce & strengthen the factory mounting points to ensure a

trouble-free future for your E46.

As this design fault is so well known, having this repair professionally completed at Iridium will

enhance & protect your future resale value whilst making your car safer & more enjoyable to


Here's what's included:

- Remove the exhaust system (downpipes backwards)

- Heatsheilds & undertrays/underbody protection panels

- Disconnect & remove vehicle battery

- Remove/disconnect the propshaft

- Disconnect brake lines from rear axle

- Remove the entire rear axle complete with driveshafts, differential, diff carrier, brakes & wheels etc

- Remove the fuel tank & filler hose(s) & carbon emissions canister

- Remove all boot carpets, trim panels & rear seats

- Clean the underside then inspect & identify all fractures & defects

- End-drill any cracks to prevent propagation, weld & grind back flush prior to reinforcement plate welding

- Position & weld Redish Motorsport reinforcement kit to vehicle underside. All reinforcement plates seam

welded using step-back method to eliminate heat distortion & provide ultimate strength

- Clean all welded areas prior to applying several coats of a quality etch-primer & a heavy bead of seam sealer

to match factory look & prevent any chance of water ingress to the repair areas

- Apply a spray-finish Wurth® underbody shultz covering to the entire rear end to match factory appearance &

further protect the underbody from corrosion.

- Carry out any manufacturing & fitment of new brake lines required*

- Fit any bushes/joints/hoses etc required by the customer to the rear axle assembly*

- Refit fuel tank, hoses & axle assembly

- Refit propshaft, heatsheilds, panels & exhaust system

- Refit interior trims/carpets etc

- Resin-inject the interior floor cavities with the OE BMW Structural repair foam (both sides)

- Connect brake lines & pressure-flush the entire system with ATE Super Blue Racing fluid

- Perform a 4-wheel computerised alignment session

- Perform a "nut-&-bolt" check & mark all underside fixings to ensure safety

- Perform a fully-insured 10 mile ‘shake-down’/test drive

- Quality control recheck - retorque all underside fixings

- Clean & valet vehicle for collection including a  Foggit™ interior deodorisation

- Burn all process images to CD for customer records

- Complete certificate of installation for customer records

- Stamp customer service book for brake fluid change

All of the above for the fully inclusive price of £1485 + VAT 

(we don’t hide the additional resin cost - its included with Iridium) 

Optional Extras* (extra costs apply):

Due to the amount of disassembly of the rear axle, now would be the ideal time to renew or upgrade any

bushes, ball joints, arms, seals etc. this will save future labour costs as the majority of strip down work has

already been done for this repair. As an example, here are a few of the items that can be included (at extra


- Renew subframe bushes (standard or upgrade Powerflex™)

- Renew differential oil seals &-or renew differential oil

- Strip, clean & repaint/powder coat the diff carrier

- Renew tie bar bushes/ball joints

- Renew the RTAB bushes (standard or upgrade Powerflex™ )

- Renew diff oil (standard or upgrade Red Line®

- Replace any corroded brake pipes

- Fit new brake hoses (standard or braided i.e HEL™ or Goodridge™

- Rear shock absorbers and/or top mounts (standard or upgrade Powerflex™)


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