Performance BMW Remapping, from £249

bmw remap

So Whats Involved?

We can safely release the hidden power already in your BMW by removing the compromises BMW introduced to make your engine run anywhere in the world. 

By optimising the software for the european market, reflecting our good quality fuels & atmospheric environments we can safely release extra power & torque from your engine.  All our remaps are tuned within the technical specifications of your vehicle to maintain performance & reliability.

How Much Extra Power Will I Get?

Power & torque gains vary from model to model and engine types, but for BMW remapping a typical turbo-diesel you're looking at around a 30% power & torque gain! 

Non-turbo petrol versions will be less but still an apreciable gain. 

Coupled with an improved throttle respose you will notice a much improved driving experience!

How Do You Do It? Whats Involved?

First, we start with a fully-insured ~2 mile test drive to check your BMW has no hesitations, coughing, misfires, smoking, engine warning lamps etc & is behaving normally. We then return to the workshop & perform a full diagnostic scan to ensure the engine is safe to tune. We then connect the vehicle to a professional 70A power support unit (not a battery charger!) to correctly protect the vehicle systems during tuning.

  • BMW's up to 2008 models - we can typically remap these ECU's through the OBD/diagnostic port on the car. These are priced from as little as £249* inc VAT
  • BMW's post-2008 - manufacturers introduced anti-tune software on many ECUs to prevent after-market tuning. In this instance we have to remove the ECU from the vehicle, gently & professionally open the ECU & connect our tuning equipment directly to the ECU circuit board to program the processor (like they do during production). Once the programming is done we professionally reseal the casing to prevent any dirt or moisture ingression before refitting the ECU to the car. Due to the added time & professional dismaling etc these are charged from £375* inc VAT

Following the tuning we then perform the test drive again to confirm all is working correctly then perform the full diagnostic scan again.

Sounds serious, & it is, but remember we are BMW specialists, professionally trained IMI-Certified Advanced Tuners & know what we're doing! All our remaps come to you with a no-cost 14-day money-back satisfaction guarantee to ensure you're happy with them.

So What Does All This Cost?

We are professionals, IMI-Certified Advanced Tuners, use genuine top-quality tuning equipment (not cloned auction-site copies), quality tuning files & are trained & experienced in what we do! 

  • Remapping costs will vary depending on model & ECU versions etc, but give us a call or email us & we'll let you know expected power & torque fgures & costs for your BMW. 
  • A typical OBD-remap takes around 4hrs to complete whereas an ECU-out remap can take a full day (certain models may take longer).

Why Choose Us?

Remapping companies are fairly common, from a "man-in-a-van" to full-blown race tuning outfits. So what's the difference? In a word - Quality!

A lot of backstreet tuners & low-level outfits use auction-site derived tuning files of unknown origins. Our files are from one of the UK's largest tuning companies with their own in-house development team & dynomometer cell, backed up with an extensive professional support team & many years experience. 

Dont forget we are independently trained & IMI-certified Advanced Professional Tuners & BMW Specialists - not a "bloke with a laptop" & a mobile number you cant get hold of! Remapping, like other things in like, is worth what you pay for it.......

I'm Interested - How Do I Book In?

Give us a call in the workshop on 02380 477021 or email us & we'll discuss your options & arrange a mutually convenient time to have the works completed.

*price varies due to model/ECU configurations